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The ‘Chapel’ is essentially a control room with a high quality monitoring system for critical listening in stereo and surround, which is used for mixing, mastering and final output.

Recording is achieved using an extensive Pyramix Masscore system, currently capable of 44 inputs and 28 outputs at any resolution up to DXD (352.8kHz/ 24bit, which is 8 x CD sample rate). As well as delivering stellar sonic performance, the flexible and scalable capability of this system allows it to effortlessly adapt to any recording situation.


8 channel AD/DA cards can be spread between 3 interface chassis – 2 x 6 card Horus units and 1 x 2 card Hapi unit – and these interfaces placed anywhere required for a particular recording. For example, when making a live recording in a concert hall, the Hapi with 8 inputs may be in the grid above the stage for overhead mics, and a Horus with 32 inputs may be side of stage. Monitoring is achieved using an Anubis virtual mixer at the control end.


High resolution recording is standard for me, and so my primary Schoeps and Sennheiser mics have extended frequency response beyond 50kHz to better capture high frequency partials – harmonics, overtones and transients – which define the sound of instruments.

Client flexibility (for offline editing or additional production) is easily facilitated by means of session copies at lower resolution using standard broadcast wav files that are compatible with consumer workstations. As long as track names are not changed, the amended session can then be used to reconform the original, full resolution session for final mixing.