contact details for Ross A’Hern:


landline: 02 9566 2649

mobile: 0408 314 034 (least reliable option for me)

recording rates:

Recording requirements vary greatly, and specifics such as location, amount of equipment required and complexity etc, coupled with the need to keep cost reasonable, make it difficult to prescribe a set rate.

Please contact Ross A’Hern by phone or email to discuss and assess your project.

mixing and mastering rates:

All studio production work such as mixing and mastering done at the ‘Chapel’ is charged at a standard rate of

$80.00 per hour + gst ($88.00 inc.gst) for time worked.

online delivery:

As mentioned elsewhere in this site, high resolution and immersive recording is an ongoing passion, but there are presently very limited options open to artists for consumer delivery of these higher quality variations. Standard resolution, stereo delivery – as CD or downloads – is well understood and most clients have arrangements in place for this.

To facilitate distribution of higher quality mixes, we have set up an online delivery platform called Mir Creation. Release of high resolution and multichannel versions of projects through this online shop provide added value to a standard release, with all proceeds being shared between those involved.

For more information, see how Mir works.