Working independently has given me the time and freedom to pursue my own direction, which combines something of a return to first principles (mixing and recording live music) and developing my recording approach to embrace high resolution and immersive capture and mixing. This evolution is ongoing as further experience and developing technology provide opportunities to improve my work.

As an extension of this, establishing Mir Creation as a high resolution online delivery solution seeks to bypass the limitations of conventional delivery platforms, better support artists, and give listeners direct access to these better quality versions of projects.

Samples are generally offered here at 96kHz/24bit, so playback through a decent system or quality headphones is recommended.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

As part of the SSO’s strategy to provide an ongoing musical connection with its audience throughout the COVID-19 disruption, we have been recording and filming short pieces performed by small groups from the orchestra at the City Recital Hall, and streaming them from Sydney Symphony’s website.

This performance of the first movement of Beethoven’s Wind Octet in E-flat major is from the series.

Audio recording (at 192kHz) and mix: Ross A’Hern – Video capture and editing: Michael Gribbin

2020 – Steve Barry & Judy Bailey: Elements – CD

Judy Bailey plays a Fazioli piano (heard on the left), and Steve Barry plays a Yamaha piano (heard on the right).

This was a DXD (352.8kHz/24bit) recording.

Here is a 96kHz/24bit version of track 2: ‘Exordium’.

For more information about this album or to buy a copy of the CD visit Steve’s Bandcamp site or Rattle Records.

2020 – Shaun Ng & Diana Weston: Bach & Abel – CD

Shaun Ng: viola da gamba, Diana Weston: square piano and harpsichord.

This was a DXD (352.8kHz/24bit) recording.

Here is a 96kHz/24bit preview of the first movement of C.F.Abel’s Sonata in G Major for Viola da Gamba and Basso (square piano). Adagio.

For more information about this album or to buy a copy of the CD visit the Wirripang site.

2019 – Mike Nock, Hamish Stuart, Julien Wilson, Jonathan Zwartz: This World – CD

Mike Nock: piano, Hamish Stuart: drums, Julien Wilson: tenor saxophone, Jonathan Zwartz: acoustic bass.

This was a DXD (352.8kHz/24bit) recording.

The CD title track mixed by Helik Hadar from 96k multitrack files.


To buy the CD visit Lionshare Records’ Bandcamp page.

2019 – Warwick Alder: Duo Trio Quartet – online album

Warwick Alder: trumpet, Jason Morphett: tenor saxophone, Brendan Clarke: acoustic bass, Toby Hall: drums.

This album was recorded and mixed at 192kHz/24bit.


Here is a 96kHz/24bit version of ‘Falling in Love with Love’.

For more information about this album or to buy a copy, visit Warwick’s Bandcamp page.

2018 – Steve Barry Quartet: Blueprints & Vignettes – CD

Steve Barry: piano, Jeremy Rose: alto saxophone & bass clarinet, Max Alduca: acoustic bass, Dave Goodman: drums.

This album was recorded and mixed in 192kHz/24bit.

This is a 96kHz/24bit version of the last track ‘#34’

To find out more about the band or to purchase this album, visit Steve Barry’s site.

2018 – Alicia Crossley & the Acacia Quartet: Muse – CD

Alicia Crossley: recorders, Lisa Stewart: violin, Myee Clohessy, violin, Stefan Duwe: viola, Anna Martin-Scrase: cello.

This album was recorded and mixed in DXD (352.8kHz/24bit).

The Recording > Studio Recording page shows the session.

Here is a 96kHz/24bit reduction of ‘Three by Three’ composed by Sally Whitwell.

To buy a copy of the CD visit this page.









.                                                                                                          This was a complex project requiring 48kHz recordings from the Indian musicians to be up-sampled for combination with the recording of the Australian contingent plus mixing at 192kHz.

2018 – Sirens Big Band with special guests:           Bridge of Dreams – CD

Shubha Mudgal: voice, Aneesh Pradhan: tabla, Bobby Singh: tabla, Sudhir Nayak: harmonium, Sandy Evans: saxophone solist, Laura Corney, Melissa Mony, Harri Harding, Ruth Wells, Phillippa Murphy-Haste, Rebecca Grubb & Rebecca Scolnick: saxophones, flute and clarinets, James Power, Ellen Kirkwood, Claire Hollander, Louise Horwood, Lisa Gori & Heather Prowse: trumpets, Rose Foster, Alex Silver, James Greening, Carla Dobbie, Nick Barnard, Emma Riley, Persia Littlewood & Rosie Marks-Smith: trombones, Jessica Dunn: acoustic bass, Zela Margossian & Emma Stephenson: piano, Milan Ring: guitar, Ali Foster: drums, Claudine Field: percussion.

This is a 96kHz/24bit version of ‘Joyous Rain’.

Bridge of Dreams (concert) review: Not only was the dream exquisite, it came true

(this was the heading from a review in the Sydney Morning Herald by John Shand of a performance of the work staged as part of the Sydney Festival at the City Recital Hall on January 12, 2019. The photo below was taken during the afternoon rehearsal.)

Click on the photo to see the full review or purchase the CD from Rufus Records

2018 – Polymorphic Orkestra: Confluence – CD

Lee McIver: trumpet, flugelhorn, laptop & effects, Ed Goyer: vibraphone, mallet kat & samples, Ed Rodrigues: drums, percussion & samples.

This album was recorded and mixed at 192kHz/24bit and high resolution versions were released through Mir Creation in stereo and 5.0 surround. The What We Do page shows the session.

Here is a 96kHz/24bit excerpt from the second extended track from the album, ‘Flow’.

2018 – the Song Company: In illo tempore – CD

Susannah Lawergren: soprano, Anna Fraser: soprano, Richard Black: tenor, Mark Donnelly: baritone, Andrew O’Connor: bass, Antony Pitts: Artistic Director.

This album, recorded live in the Crypt of St. Mary’s Cathedral was made at 192kHz/24bit and released through a number of channels. High resolution surround (5.0) versions of the album are available at Mir Creation, where you can find links for other versions also.

Here’s a 96kHz/24bit version of William Byrd’s ‘Christe, qui lux es’.

The Necks: Melbourne Jazz Festival 2017 – mix for video broadcast

This performance was filmed and recorded by French TV for later broadcast. Long-standing Necks sound engineer Tim Whitten, who handled live sound for the concert, was unavailable to do the TV mix, so it came my way. The multitrack recording was made at 48kHz.

Access more music by The Necks from their Bandcamp page.

2017 – Spike Mason & the Sirius Chamber Ensemble: Flying

Spike Mason: soprano saxophone, Melissa Coleman: flute, Alex Fontaine: oboe, Ian Sykes: clarinet, Alison Evans: bassoon, Gareth Lewis: trombone, Claire Howard Race: piano, Vanessa Tammetta: violin, Luke Spicer: viola, Steve Meyer: cello.

This album was recorded and mixed in DXD (352.8kHz/24bit).

Here is the Opening track from the album in 96kHz/24bit.

Standard resolution versions of the album are available from Spike’s Bandcamp page.

2017 – Australian National Jazz Orchestra: Child’s Play

David Theak: lead soprano & alto saxophones, Carl Mackey: alto sax, Mike Rivett: tenor sax, Julien Wilson: tenor sax & clarinet, Nick Bowd: baritone sax, Simon Sweeney: lead trumpet & flugelhorn, Darryl Carthew: trumpet & flugelhorn, Ricki Malet: trumpet & flugelhorn, Eamon McNelis: trumpet & flugelhorn, Dan Quigley: trumpet & flugelhorn, Dave Panichi: lead trombone, James Greening: trombone, Eleanor Shearer: trombone, Colin Burrows: bass trombone, James Muller: guitar, Hugh Barrett: piano, Sam Anning: acoustic bass, Ben Vanderwal: drums, Mat Jodrell: trumpet soloist, Roger Manins: tenor sax solist, Nick Mulder: composer & conductor.

2016 – Casey Golden Trio: Miniature – EP/CD

Casey Golden: piano, keyboards & music box, Bill Williams: acoustic bass, Ed Rodrigues: drums & percussion, with special guest Daniel Walsh: guitar.

This short suite was recorded and mixed at 192kHz/24bit and released through Mir Creation in high resolution stereo and surround 5.1. Recording > Studio Recording shows the session.

This is a 96kHz/24bit edited extract from the suite.

2016 – Andrew Robson: The Child Ballads – CD

Andrew Robson: alto & baritone saxophones, Mara Kiek: vocal & tapan, Llew Kiek: guitar & bouzouki, Steve Elphick: acoustic bass.

I was restricted to 96kHz/24bit on this one due to client needs. I have since realised it is easy to record at DXD, facilitate lower resolution editing, then re-conform the original DXD files for mixing.

This is an edited sample from ‘Erlinton’.

This album may be available from the Australian Music Centre.

2015 – Casey Golden Trio: Outliers – CD

Casey Golden: piano, Ed Rodrigues: drums & percussion, Bill Williams: acoustic bass.

This album was recorded and mixed at 192kHz/24bit

This is a 96kHz/24bit version of the opening track entitled ‘Flatpack Empire’.

The album is available from Casey’s Bandcamp page.

2014 – Gary Daley: Sanctuary – CD

Gary Daley: piano, piano accordion & samples, Paul Cutlan: alto sax, clarinet & bass clarinet, Veronique Serret: violin, Ollie Miller: cello, James Daley: mandolin, zhonguan & vocals, Jess Green: electric & acoustic guitars & vocals, Bruce Reid: lap steel & National steel guitars, Brett Hirst: acoustic bass, Tunji Beier: percussion.

This 192kHz/24bit recording was released through Mir Creation in high resolution stereo and 5.0 surround. Here’s a 96kHz/24bit extract from ‘Mandolin’.

2014 – Baecastuff: Mutiny Music – CD

A suite inspired by the history of the Bounty mutineers and language of Pitcairn Island.

Rick Robertson: soprano & tenor saxophones, Phil Slater: trumpet, Matt McMahon: piano, Fender Rhodes & Hammond organ, Alex Hewetson: acoustic and electric basses, Simon Barker: drums & log drums, Aykho Akhrif: percussion.

This suite was recorded and mixed in DXD (352.8kHz/24bit).

The album liner notes explain that ‘Hue Hue’, the track presented here at 96kHz/24bit, ‘… is composed around Norfolk language samples and includes a reggae feel, which relates to the mutineer Ned Young who was West Indian by birth…’

For more information or to purchase a copy of the album visit the Mutiny Music page.

2013 – Greening From Ear to Ear: Tam O’Shanter Tales (live recording) – CD

James Greening: trombone, sousaphone & pocket trumpet, Andrew Robson: alto & baritone saxophones, Paul Cutlan: tenor sax & clarinet, Fabian Hevia: percussion, Gary Daley: accordion & piano, Hamish Stuart: drums, Brett Hirst: acoustic & electric basses.

This album was also released through Mir Creation in stereo 96kHz/24bit.

Here is an excerpt from the first track, ‘Parallel Lines’.

2010 – Spike Mason Rilke Project: Widening Circles

Kristin Berardi: vocal, Henri Pelman: piano, Mark Lau: acoustic bass, Gillian Smith: bassoon, Gareth Lewis: trombone, Spike Mason: saxophones.