(Amazingly, Leon still has the posters for these gigs – used above and for the next page – on his wall! Thanks for the pic, Leon.)

Allen’s band for these gigs was made up of American ex-pats then residing in Sydney, with the exception of the drummers. Here Tommy Emmanuel plays drums for the first two sets, but had to rush off to play with Dragon later that night and was replaced for the third set by Mitch farmer.

A couple of technical notes: the tape left the heads for a moment during the third tune of the evening causing a dropout, and later in the fourth tune of the last set, and so at Allen’s request, these tunes are dropped from the sets here.

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set



Play individual clips

Set 2.4 – Swivel Hips

Set 2.5 – Zig Zag

Set 3.1 – (untitled at the time)

Set 3.2 – Dragonfly

Set 3.3 – Walk on the Air

Set 3.5 – ‘Round Midnight

Set 3.6 – untitled Blues