This shot was taken a few years later and shows longtime band member Sandy Evans, who was overseas on a study trip at the time of these recordings, but who is nonetheless present in her compositions. Craig Walters and Dale Barlow were covering for Sandy on the nights presented here. Those in the shot, from left to right, are John Pochée, Roger Frampton (standing), Steve Elphick, Ken James, Sandy Evans, Miroslav Bukovsky, Warwick Alder, James Greening (standing) Bob Bertles and Bernie McGann. Thanks for the pic, Warwick. It’s a cracker!

John Pochée says of the band “Ten Part Invention was formed for the Adelaide Festival of the Arts in 1986. I had wanted to form this project for many years, of a ten piece group with the looseness of a small group, playing all Australian compositions. Finally I got the opportunity, when Peter Rechniewski introduced me to Anthony Steele, the Director of the Adelaide Festival of the Arts and we planned the entire jazz programme, with small groups already formed out of this line-up. It was a colourful range of players of various ages. They were people that I knew would not let any egos get in the way of the music. In these sporadic performances at the Basement there was the occasional dep, as some players had plans for short overseas study grants. When Sandy Evans returned to the group, we settled down and the players worked very hard to make this group successful. Things were different then, and sometimes we rehearsed up to three times a week.”

The original members were John Pochée (drums/Leader) and briefly, before he went overseas, Hugh Fraser (double bass). Then, Steve Elphick (double bass) returned from overseas and joined the ensemble. Roger Frampton MD (piano, alto & sopranino sax, and percussion.) Bob Bertles (alto & baritone sax, clarinet), Bernie McGann (alto sax) Sandy Evans and Ken James (tenor & soprano saxophones, flute) Michael (Miroslav) Bukovsky (trumpet & flugelhorn) Warwick Alder (trumpet & flugelhorn) James Greening (trombone).

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set


Play individual clips

Set 1 – John’s introduction

Set 1.1 – 11/11 (Roger Frampton)

Roger talks, and plays for time…

Set 1.2 – And Zen Monk (Roger Frampton)

John introduces ‘Plain Talk’

Set 1.3 – Plain Talk (Miroslav Bukovsky)

Set 2.1 – My Aunt Helen (Miroslav Bukovsky)

John taks

Set 2.2 – Song of Laughter (Miroslav Bukovsky)

John introduces ‘So It Goes’

Set 2.3 – So It Goes (Roger Frampton)

Roger introduces ‘Secret Society’

Set 2.4 – Secret Society (Roger Frampton)

Set 3.1 – Spirit Song (Bernie McGann)

John introduces ‘In Search of Home’

Set 3.2 – In Search of Home (Sandy Evans)

John introduces ‘For Woody’

Set 3.3 – For Woody (Miroslav Bukovsky)