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After an eighteen month hiatus, the band returned to the club with new material and charts. The line-up was expanded slightly with Blocko (Ian Bloxsom) joining Sunil on percussion and Wayne Goodwin making an appearance on electric violin. Mick had also returned to the idea of writing horn arrangements for some Crossfire tunes – an idea first tried on the 1983 Crossfire gig recording offered as part of this collection – and three of these are used as instrumental set openers here, although at the start of the first set, ‘Borrowed Body Blues‘ is missing it’s opening head and we pick it up as Col takes his solo.

There are a few wild mix moments that I can’t begin to explain, other than to remember that the PA and recording mixes were separate and sometimes took unexpected shifts when changes were driven from the stage in the excitement. Victor’s solo in Malice in Wonderland leaps well out of the mix and Wayne makes a very reverberant and shifting entry at one point. Generally though, it all hangs together well enough to convey what was a fun night.

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set



Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – Dancing with (what’s left of) a Borrowed Body

Set 1.2 – Mega Blues

Set 1.3 – Sure Enough

Set 1.4 – Music of the Earth

Set 1.5 – Murphy’s Law

Set 1.6 – Que Sera, Sera

Set 1.7 – Rhythm of the Street

Set 2.1 – Malice in Wonderland

Set 2.2 – Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy

Set 2.3 – The Goodbye Look


Set 2.4 – Any Way You Can

Set 2.5 – Boogie Down

Set 2.6 – I Praise Him

Set 2.7 – Fever

Set 3.1 – It Coitainly Was

Set 3.2 – Black and Blues

Set 3.3 – Chain Reaction

Set 3.4 – Good Morning Heartache

Set 3.5 – Who’s Foolin’ Who?

Set 3.6 – Raging Waters