(thanks to Bob Johnson who sent this publicity shot)

From memory, Supermarket was Mick Kenny’s creation, designed in part to be a vehicle to air his horn arrangements. I remember he was keen on such groups as Blood Sweat and Tears and Chicago, and as with those groups, expanding a core pop band lineup with a horn section was a great way to add excitement and dynamics to the music. Certainly, the sheer raw sound of such a band in the relatively close confines of the club was a thrilling and memorable experience.

This is the first recording I attempted of this group, and a note on the tape makes it clear that my system at the time, while allowing some control over the recording mix, was still developing. There was clearly no opportunity for a recording soundcheck before the show started, and the two opening numbers are so far out of balance as I sought to pull it all into some sort of shape that I have dropped them here. There was hardly any metering on the system and as retribution for my pedantic nature, I find it annoying that the reverb pulls to the left a bit on this one, something that wouldn’t have been apparent, given the monitoring situation, until I got it home.

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set



Play individual clips

Set 1.3 – Talk About It

Set 1.4 – Second Time ‘Round

Set 1.5 – Sure Enough

Set 1.6 – Yah Mo B There

Set 1.7 – I Got My Heart Set on You

Set 1.8 – Some Day We’ll All be Free

Set 2.1 – Pack it Up

Set 2.2 – Black and Blues

Set 2.3 – Gonna be Special


Set 2.4 – Night Time Fun Hero

Set 2.5 – The Island

Set 2.6 – Shoot the Moon

Set 2.7 – City Life

Set 2.8 – Rhythm of the Street

Set 3.1 – I Got Rhythm

Set 3.2 – Music of the Earth

Set 3.3 – I Ain’t Got You/Every Day I Have the Blues

Set 3.4 – Any Way You Can

Set 3.5 – Save Our Planet