Ben Sidran performing on stage in 1989. (Photo by David Redfern)

This second recording for Ben Sidran was made a couple of years later and the band this time has a more electric edge thanks to the guitar of Jim Kelly and the electric keyboards of Mick Kenny. The tracks presented here as a set amount to a little over an hour of music and seem to be a compilation dubbed from the original tapes. Strangely, given the fact it is a dub, the encore medley is cut short by the tape running out ( ! ), so I have faded it out in an effort to retain as much as I can. I can’t remember anything about why this was done, and none of the original tapes of full shows survive, so these mixes – which stray outside the balance ballpark sometimes, I’m afraid – are all I have left. The difference in approach gives a new perspective though, so try to listen past the imbalances to the music.

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