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This recording is another I don’t have a specific date for, but think it happened in June, 1985. It was organised by East Coast Jazz Productions, and seems to have been an initiative of Serge Ermoll and Helene Grover. Just as cash-strapped artists sometimes paint new works over old canvases, it seems that for whatever reason, I recorded part of a subsequent concert over most of the first set here, so only one complete piece remains from the opening set played by Serge Ermoll’s quintet. I have included it as it is all I have of this group.

As happens occasionally on these recordings, there are a few brief moments in the third set (towards the end of the reel) when tape tension drifted and some mis-tracking occurred during recording. Also, there wasn’t quite enough tape to get all of the encore, so ‘Magic Mansions’ is faded out.

Set. 1 – play only remaining track from Serge Ermoll’s set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set



Play individual clips for sets 2 & 3

Set 2.1 – Shape of Things to Come

Set 2.2 – Pamela

Set 2.3 – Jitterbug Waltz

Set 2.4 – Beatrice

Set 2.5 – solo piano

Set 2.6 –


Set 3.1 – Lollypops and Roses

Set 3.2 – Thinking On You

Set 3.3 –

Set 3.4 – My One and Only Love

Set 3.5 – Up Jumped Spring

Set 3.6 – encore – Magic Mansions