Victor Rounds                                  Sunil De Silva                                   Russell Dunlop                                Dave MacRae

A few years later, as independent production of CDs became viable for artists, we re-released the instrumental set on disc with the extra space allowing another two tracks to be included – an exciting milestone for me, though all it did of course, was whet my appetite for more. It was Jim, in fact, who on another occasion after I told him excitedly about having reached some perceived plateau which I was hoping would let me take it easy for a while, gave me a wry smile and confided quietly ‘it never stops, you know’ – and he was absolutely right. The photos of the band members initially presented in the CD booklet as a regular  square block of 4, are spread out here.

Set. 1 – play complete (instrumental) set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set


Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – ‘Cause We Ended As Lovers

Set 1.2 – Greg’s Groove

Set 1.3 – Impressions

Set 1.4 – Last Night

Set 1.5 – All Blues

Set 2.1 – Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby

Set 2.2 – I Hang On Your Every Word

Set 2.3 – Africa

Set 2.4 – Be Cool

Set 2.5 – Magnetic Love



Set 2.6 – Send Me a Letter (When You Get There)

Set 2.7 – Two People

Set 2.8 – Higher Love

Set 3.1 – Chuncho

Set 3.2 – Don’t Hold Out On Me

Set 3.3 – If I Believe

Set 3.4 – Tell Me

Set 3.5 – You Dream Flat Tyres

Set 3.6 – Lucille

Set 3.7 – If Love Must Go