We recorded all four performances by the band this particular week with the hope that there would be enough good takes to produce a pair of sets for release on cassette through the club. As it turned out, all the tracks chosen came from the last two nights of the run and so these are presented here. The cassette slicks are shown above. It is amazing how strong our memories can be for things we assume we have forgotten. I haven’t listened to this music for more than 30 years, but for some of the instrumental tunes in particular, a couple of bars was all it took to remember that these were the takes we used – no doubt about it! In fact I have been amazed as I work through all the material of this collection, how much I remember about many of these concerts. They have the familiarity of a childhood home.

Set. 1 – play complete (instrumental) set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set


Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – ‘Cause We Ended As Lovers

Set 1.2 – Greg’s Groove

Set 1.3 – Impressions

Set 1.4 – All Blues

Set 2.1 – Get Some Insurance On Me, Baby

Set 2.2 – I Hang On Your Every Word

Set 2.3 – Africa

Set 2.4 – Be Cool

Set 2.5 – Magnetic Love



Set 2.6 – Send Me a Letter (When You Get There)

Set 2.7 – Higher Love

Set 3.1 – Chuncho

Set 3.2 – Don’t Hold Out On Me

Set 3.3 – Two People

Set 3.4 – Tell Me

Set 3.5 – You Dream Flat Tyres

Set 3.6 – Lucille (extended intro as Baz looks for his guitar)

Set 3.7 – If Love Must Go