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I recorded this band on a number of nights, initially to document the music of course, but then to further the idea of releasing some of it for sale. This ambition came to fruition midway through the following year when, with the band’s cooperation, we recorded a run of gigs and chose pieces from them to release on two cassettes – one an instrumental selection and the other featuring vocal tracks. We offered these for sale through the venue, partly as an attempted proof of concept to see if the idea of selling live recordings made at the club, like I’d heard they did at Ronnie Scott’s, would fly. I don’t remember that we sold many, but it shows how artists were starting to embrace the idea of recording and releasing their own music, rather than relying on the illusive dream of a record contract.

This recording documents the third and best of a run of four nights that the band played during this week, and was the first occasion that Dave MacRae sat in to replace Mick Kenny, who was away touring with Lou Rawls at the time. Whatever the reason, the arrangement became permanent, and Dave remained as a member of the group. While some may be tempted to dismiss the Connexion as a cover band due to the inclusion of contemporary pop songs, it is important to realise that improvisation and pushing musical boundaries were still fundamentally important to the exercise, and the expectation was indeed that from a musical perspective ‘anything can happen here!’

Set. 1 – play complete (instrumental) set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set


Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – Graceful

Set 1.2 – Last Night

Set 1.3 – Greg’s Groove

Set 1.4 – All Blues

Set 2.1 – Africa

Set 2.2 – I Hang On Your Every Word

Set 2.3 – Roof Garden

Set 2.4 – If I Believe

Set 2.5 – Anything Can Happen Here



Set 2.6 – Baby Grand

Set 2.7 – Come On, Come Over

Set 2.8 – Don’t Explain

Set 3.1 – Chuncho

Set 3.2 – Love Will Come Some Day

Set 3.3 – Any Foolish Thing

Set 3.4 – You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone

Set 3.5 – Sure Enough