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Like many of these recordings made over consecutive nights, the chance for review allowed the opportunity to get closer to a reasonable balance. Hence, this night’s recording is more settled than the previous night’s. The band seemed to be moving in a more Blues direction with the new members and it seems I have resorted to more bass DI or amp mic to get the bass into the mix better. Pragmatism always trumped purist tendencies, and everyone was using what they had to be heard above appreciative but noisey audiences.

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set



Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – Mox Nix

Set 1.2 – I’ve Been Abused

Set 1.3 – For All Colours

Set 1.4 – Every Day I Have the Blues

Set 1.5 – You Don’t Know What Love Is

Set 1.6 – It’s Hard to be Good Without You

Set 1.7 – Cop It Sweet

Set 2.1 – If You’re Goin’ to the City

Set 2.2 – Sensual Item

Set 2.3 – When Somebody Loves You


Set 2.4 – Cookin’ at the Continental

Set 2.5 – Losing Hand

Set 2.6 – Two Sleepy People – with Steve Hope

Set 2.7 – I Can’t Get Started With You – with Steve Hope

Set 3.1 – My Funny Valentine

Set 3.2 – I Don’t Worry About a Thing

Set 3.3 – Like Young

Set 3.4 – My Baby Comes to Me

Set 3.5 – instrumental

Set 3.6 – Stop This World > band introductions