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The recordings of this and the following night caught the band in transition, with Joe Chindamo apparently having left the group and a replacement yet to be found. As a consequence, we hear more from the others as they fill the musical gaps. Ray Prereira also appearances for the first time, taking the back right hand corner of the stage and Doug moving to the other side near the piano. Steve Hope, who was already making guest appearances bringing his stride piano playing to the party, sits in on the occasional standard as well on these gigs.

Another tape label technical note states that a number of system changes were being tried during this run. The first of the recordings made the night before highlighted a number of things that didn’t work, and as it is also riddled with mis-tracking and digital clicks, you have been spared it here. It has been dropped from the tape list, but the original numbering retained to acknowledge it.

The recording of this night has a ragged start, balance-wise, and there are erratic shifts at times through the show for some reason. The recording of the following night is much more settled and consistent.

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set



Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – Mox Nix

Set 1.2 – Losing Hand

Set 1.3 – For All Colours

Set 1.4 – C’est La Vie – Steve sits in

Set 1.5 – On the Brink of It

Set 1.6 – It’s Hard to be Good Without You

Set 1.7 – Two Sleepy People – with Steve Hope: piano

Set 1.8 – I Can’t Get Started with You – with Steve Hope: piano

Set 2.1 – Cookin’ at the Continental

Set 2.2 – Like Young


Set 2.3 – Sensual Item

Set 2.4 – When Somebody Loves You – Steve sits in

Set 2.5 – Farmer’s Market – extended

Set 2.6 – I Don’t Worry About a Thing

Set 3.1 – But Not for Me (start clipped, I’m sorry)

Set 3.2 – My Funny Valentine – Steve sits in

Set 3.3 – Party Time

Set 3.4 – Stop This World

Set 3.5 – My Baby Comes to Me

Set 3.6 – I’ve Never Been In Love Before