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Vince was riding a wave of popularity at this time, as his idiosyncratic style and interpretation of standard and original compositions resonated with audiences. This enabled him to form a band that enjoyed regular and sustained work, and gives this set of recordings another dimension in that they document how repertoire and interpretation shift and grow for such a group over time, as well as providing a live counterpart to the series of albums he was recording and releasing over this period. The personnel of the band changed a little over this time as well, which also changed the music, of course.

This and the next recording were made over consecutive nights of this season, to Vince’s usual packed houses.

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set



Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – Cookin’ at the Continental

Set 1.2 – Losing hand

Set 1.3 – For All Colours

Set 1.4 – My Funny Valentine

Set 1.5 – On the Brink Of It

Set 1.6 – C’est La Vie

Set 1.7 – I Don’t Worry About a Thing

Set 1.8 – It’s Hard to be Good Without You

Set 2.1 – Two Sleepy People – with Steve Hope: piano

Set 2.2 – I Can’t Get Started with You – with Steve Hope: piano

Set 2.3 – This Could be the Start of Something Big


Set 2.4 – When Somebody Loves You

Set 2.5 – Mox Nix

Set 2.6 – Stop This World

Set 2.7 – Farmer’s Market

Set 3.1 – band get into the mood with ‘On a Clear Day’

Set 3.2 – But Not for Me

Set 3.3 – Like Young

Set 3.4 – My Baby Comes to Me

Set 3.5 – Party Time

Set 3.6 – Never Let Me Go

Set 3.7 – encore – Too Marvellous for Words – with Steve Hope

Set 3.8 – Everyone’s Gone to the Moon – with Steve Hope