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This is a pretty rough recording and a rare technical note on the tape label indicates that a number of bits and pieces of gear were strung together to expand capacity and approach, so it may well have been a test run for system development. I could only manage the flatness of a mono reverb return, and the piano would have benefitted from being tuned, so it’s a fairly rough sketch. An irreparable and significant dropout between tracks 5 & 6 of the first set completes the catastrophe. Oh well, c’est la vie. I have included it here because it is the only recording I have with Peter Jones on piano and it precedes my next recording of the band by more than a year, so remember that this exercise is all about the music and certainly not the engineering.

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set



Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – instrumental opener

Set 1.2 – Almost Like Being In Love > My Baby Just Cares for Me

Set 1.3 – C’est La Vie

Set 1.4 – Sneaky Peak

Set 1.5 – All or Nothing At All

Set 1.6 – Dindi

Set 1.7 – Old for the New

Set 1.8 – Blue

Set 2.1 – Better Than the Average Man




Set 2.2 – Party Time

Set 2.3 – Since I Fell for You

Set 2.4 – For All Colours

Set 2.5 – Never Let Me Go

Set 2.6 – Straighten Up and Fly Right

Set 2.7 – Drinking Again

Set 2.8 – Dr. Jackal

Set 2.9 – My Funny Valentine

Set 2.10 – All Right, OK, You Win

Set 2.11 – encore – Ship Building