Fielding a big band at the Basement was always a tight squeeze, and here vocalists Sheryl Black and Barry Leef are perched on the front edge of the stage between piano and trombones, with tables pushed back so that saxophones can set up along the front on the floor.

Looking carefully, you can see the ring of Bose 802 speakers spreading the sound from the corners of the stage – 2 x stereo pairs a side – which helped anchor the sound around the bands. Thanks for the photo, Sheryl.

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set – My Fair Lady suite, featuring Sheryl Black & Barry Leef on vocals


Play individual clips


John introduces the band

Set 1.1 – Ready Mix

Set 1.2 – Think On Me

Set 1.3 – Never Say Yes

Set 1.4 – Here’s That Rainy Day

Set 1.5 – Computer

Set 1.6 – For Peace

Set 1.7 – Well You Needn’t

Set 1.8 – ‘Round Midnight

Set 1.9 – Fortune Smiles

Set 2 – My Fair Lady suite

John introduces ‘My Fair Lady’ suite

Set 2.1 – Overture

Set 2.2 – Why Can’t the English?/Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

Set 2.3 – With a Little Bit of Luck

Set 2.4 – I’m an Ordinary Man

Set 2.5 – The Rain in Spain

Set 2.6 – I Could Have Danced All Night

Set 2.7 – The Ascot Gavotte

Set 2.8 – You Did It

Set 2.9 – Show Me

Set 2.10 – Get Me to the Church on Time

Set 2.11 – I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Face

Set 2.12 – Finale

Acknowledgements, including local arrangers