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This was the third and last night of John’s first visit to the club and Australia, and from Bruce’s introduction we learn that Channel 9 were filming part of his first set for use on the ‘Sunday’ show – just one of the regular media disruptions that occurred when someone notable visited. This may have affected the set list, so we get some variation on the night before. I must have checked the previous night’s recording, because the room mic (and so audience response) is at a better level. On a technical note, there was a bad dropout over the opening line in track 9 of the third set. As an admission to those that are paying close attention, I patched in part of the same line when it recurred for the sake of continuity. Some of the support act was recorded this time as well, so that set has been included also.

Set. 1 – (Paul Wookey and Chris Duffy) – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set



Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – My Walking Shoes Don’t Fit Me Any More

Set 1.2 – Some Dark Holler

Set 1.3 – Beaumont Rag

Set 1.4 – Blue Yodel no.7

Set 1.5 – ‘Til I Gain Control

Set 1.6 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Set 1.7 – Black Girl

Set 1.8 – Free Born Man

Set 2 – Bruce introduces John

Set 2.1 – Ride ‘Til I Die

Set 2.2 – Honest I Do

Set 2.3 – Step It Up and Go

Set 2.4 – I’m a King Bee

Set 2.5 – Wake Up Mama

Set 2.6 – Drifting Blues

Set 2.7 – Drop Down Mama

Set 2.8 – Come On In My Kitchen

Set 2.9 – Look on Yonder’s Wall

Set 2.10 – Me and the Devil Blues

Set 2.11 – Fattening No More Frogs for Snakes


Set 2.12 – My Time After A While

Set 2.13 – Gimme Some of It

Set 2.14 – I’m Leavin’ You

Set 3.1 – No Money Down

Set 3.2 – I Wish You Would

Set 3.3 – Dreamy Eyed Girl

Set 3.4 – Tell Me Mama

Set 3.5 – Spoonful

Set 3.6 – Terraplane Blues

Set 3.7 – Walkin’ Blues

Set 3.8 – Hitchhiking Woman

Set 3.9 – No Way To Be Satisfied

Set 3.10 – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

Set 3.11 – Georgia Rag

Set 3.12 – Key To the Highway

Set 3.13 – Going to New York

Set 3.14 – Who Do You Love

Set 3.15 – Love Changing Blues

Set 3.16 – Preachin’ Blues

Set 3.17 – (encore) She’s Tough