From the sound of the recording, this appears to be one of those gigs where, after some initial briefing, there was an ever evolving development of the stage configuration that I was trying to keep up with. The first set seems to be largely acoustic (pick up by the room mic only) and track 5 is where you can hear the recording soundcheck take place with direct elements of the sound being added. Despite its lack of togetherness, the recording does document a very Australian take on early American 20th century folk and popular music and shows how broad the Basement’s musical offerings were.

Donal Baylor got in touch when I set about contacting those involved in these shows, and sent me the photos used here. He was also able to fill in some gaps in the band personnel and song list, and mentioned that “I think we did some ‘groups within a group’ thing for that gig that we didn’t normally do”. Thanks Donal.

Set. 1 – play complete set

Set. 2 – play complete set

Set. 3 – play complete set



Play individual clips

Set 1.1 – Eddy’s Blues

Set 1.2 – The High Flyer Stomp

Set 1.3 – Sweet Georgia Brown

Rick talks about the guitar he is using

Set 1.4 –

Set 1.5 – My Little Grass Shack

Introduction to ‘Singin’ the Blues’

Set 1.6 – Singin’ the Blues

Set 1.7 – Lady Be Good

Set 1.8 – Draggin’ the Bow

Set 1.9 – Boogie in G

Set 2.1 – Dark Town Strutters’ Ball

Set 2.2 –

Set 2.3 – The Mean and Wicked Boogie

Set 2.4 – Honeysuckle Rose

Set 2.5 – Hillbilly Swing

Set 2.6 – Take the A Train

Set 2.7 – Tiny’s Tempo

Set 2.8 – South

Set 2.9 – Sweet Jenny Lee

Set 2.10 – Jeep’s Blues

Set 2.11 – Tryin’ to be True

Set 2.12 – The Ten Gallon Boogie

Set 2.13 – Ida Red

Set 3.1 – In the Mood

Set 3.2 – Ten Ten Am

Set 3.3 – Straighten Up and Fly Right

Set 3.4 – Little Bitty Man

Set 3.5 – Hillbilly Bebop

Set 3.6 – Crazy Man, Crazy!

Set 3.7 – The Twin Guitar Special

Set 3.8 – The Honky Tonk Jump

Set 3.9 – What Have I Done to Make You Go Away?

Set 3.10 – Airmail Special

Set 3.11 – We’re Gonna Teach You to Rock

Set 3.12 – C Jam Blues



The photos above show how smaller group configurations were used for the first part of the gig,

the small newspaper ad to the left is from the Sydney Morning Herald’s Metro (arts & entertainment) section of the time,

and the flyer for promotional use leading up to the gig is shown below. From the positioning of the creases, these were probably folded and inserted in the monthly programs.