(this rare shot of Mark in the band, pinched from an Eric Myers article, was taken from their Montreux jazz festival appearance in 1982)

As well as being one of the 2 composers in Crossfire (the other being Jim Kelly), Mick Kenny had an interest in arranging, and having written some big band charts for a few Crossfire pieces, the decision was made to use this gig to try them out. Crossfire play the first set by themselves, and are joined by the horns of the John Hoffman Big Band for the second set.

This appears to have been an artistically inspired outing that was beyond the ability of the club to finance, as in an apparent attempt to top up the coffers, a raffle was held. In a rare moment of Australian musical history, Ian Bloxom, who on this occasion had unexpectedly and without explanation taken to the stage wearing a complete head-covering bird-like mask complete with beak and crest (hence dubbed the ‘Block-ock-atoo’), proceeded to raffle off Dave Panichi’s old band jacket. Sir Les would have been proud!

This is the first of my Basement tapes, made with the overhead mic only (indicated by the fact that Blocko’s announcements sound off-mic).

Set. 1 – Crossfire only – play complete set


Set. 2 – Crossfire with horns – play complete set


Play individual clips